Fair Tax Act: What You Should Know

The FairTax Act proposal would create a national sales tax, replace the 100 year old income tax system and shutter the IRS. Fair Tax Act Article Summary What is the “Fair Tax”? History of a “Fair Tax” in the U.S. Fair Tax Act data - proposed base and rates (29.8%) Abolishment … [Read more...]

Millennial Millionaires? A Financial Advisor Could Help You Join The Ranks.

  Millennials, or young adults under the age of 35, may not feel they’re on a career trajectory toward becoming a millionaire. However, with careful planning and advising, many millenials can obtain this goal and set aside a comfy nest egg for adulthood and retirement. The key is … [Read more...]

Retirement Planning: Don’t delay, start now.

These days, retirement looks nothing like it did generations ago. This means that retirement planning has evolved as well. Long gone are the days of guaranteed pensions and health insurance for life.  With growing health consciousness and longer life expectancies, your retirement dollars have to … [Read more...]