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Offering Specialized & Certified Tax Compliance Services

People invest time and money with tax professionals, attorneys, and CPAs to navigate the intricate tax system in the United States. Instead of trying to piece together services by various providers, when you work with Millan & Company, you receive an array of services under the same roof to help guide you. We know that both your time and money is valuable, so we make sure it’s invested wisely.

With more complex clients, there are a lot of options on how to run your business or estate, and how to navigate and comply with all the tax regulations and laws. We help you so that you don’t pay taxes you shouldn’t have to pay.

Serving all clientele

  • Individuals
  • Limited Liability Companies
  • C Corporations
  • S Corporations
  • Trusts
  • Partnerships - ( domestic, international, combined )
  • Nonprofits
  • Expatriate (EXPAT) and Dual Citizens Advisory Services
  • FinCEN Beneficial Ownership Information Reporting and Compliance (BOI)

Full Scope Tax Compliance Services

Millan's Tax Compliance accountants offer a wealth of leading expertise in tax administration and process improvement to help effectively manage compliance processes to enable a fully scoped strategic vision for whole tax performance. Operating as an extension of your tax department, we offer a comprehensive suite of compliance solutions that unify internal tax processes, minimize return errors and overpayments and reduce risks of potential of notices and penalties.

    Our Tax Compliance leadership team works to provide strategic guidance and share best practices based on years of experience. We have consulted with multiple industries and jurisdictions with a comprehensive suite of compliance services:

  • Account Reconciliation
  • Audit Defense and Tax Controversy
  • Compliance Management
  • Control Documentation
  • Payment and Remittance
  • Responding to Notices

Account Reconciliation

Using a dual approach, our Tax Compliance CPAs maintain a focus on critical details while protecting a broad view of the strategic business strategy. We know that assessments may present real challenges. Using due diligence, we help proactively manage typical and atypical liabilities for audit, reducing and often eliminating overpayments and refund claim needs.

Audit Defense + Tax Controversy Services

Millan + Co. helps our clients manage their audit progress from start to finish to ensure that we minimize their burden as much as possible. Our leadership team handles the considerable operation of producing records for the state and organizing files required to develop the case. As essential, we connect with auditors, administrative hearings attorneys, dispute resolution officials, and other agents to positively identify all factors that may impact our client’s capability to achieve the best possible outcome.

Tax Compliance Management Services

We expertly prepare periodic tax returns for our clients aided by best-in-class compliance software for processing payments and returns. Our team manages the full scope of administrative responsibilities in the filing process, in addition to sending all returns via certified mail or certificate of mailing and signing the return as a certified paid preparer. Our experts rapidly reply to taxability and compliance questions to provide full coordination with the client, and prepare management reports as needed to support business activities.

Control Documentation Services

Millan + Co. maintains meticulous control procedures that ensure timely filing of all tax returns, maintaining and managing a filing calendar that guarantees all compliance requirements are met. We process and track all payments, methods for payment, and means of delivery, ensuring all details and documentation are stored and maintained in an electronic repository that is readily available to our clients.

Payment + Remittance Services

Timely payment of tax liabilities is equally important as timely filing of tax returns and other documents. In collaboration with our clients, we determine when taxes are due and provide suggestions on methods of payment. With careful planning, we are able to determine the minimum amount to pay without incurring additional penalties and interest.

Notice Response + Documentation Services

We respond to notices and maintain a comprehensive log that ensures full tracking of responses and outcomes. All notices and related documentation are stored in a secure central database for easy reference.


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Navigating tax requirements in today's fast-paced, technically complex world can be challenging and time-consuming. We'll help guide you through the proposed and most recent changes to the tax code. We're ready to envision your unique circumstances and discover upsides to the future.