Fair Tax Act: What You Should Know

The FairTax Act proposal would create a national sales tax, replace the 100 year old income tax system and shutter the IRS. Fair Tax Act Article Summary What is the “Fair Tax”? History of a “Fair Tax” in the U.S. Fair Tax Act … [Read more]

A Freshly Minted Bitcoin is illustrated.

A Guide To Cryptocurrency Taxes

Cryptocurrency Tax Consulting | Millan & Co. P.C. | Certified Public Accountants   Cryptocurrency Tax Guide Summary   Cryptocurrency Taxes 101 Taxable and non-taxable crypto events  Calculating cryptocurrency tax Accounting methods for … [Read more]

Section 179 Tax Credit Calculator (and Deadline)

The Section 179 Credit can save SMBs a lot of money on equipment costs (the deduction is up to a robust $1,050,000). Passenger vehicles exceeding 6,000+ pounds GVW (gross vehicle weight) will usually qualify, but they are typically limited to a … [Read more]

Illustrates a taxpayer opening a Recovery Rebate Credit check from the US Treasury.

The Recovery Rebate Credit – Am I Eligible?

Taxpayers who did not receive the full amount to which they were entitled can claim it as a refundable credit when filing 2020 taxes in 2021   Article Summary -This article helps define what the Recovery Rebate Credit is, which taxpayers are … [Read more]