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Millan and Company's Tax Planning service aims to help clients understand their overall tax exposure, anticipate future tax changes, and make personal and business decisions with knowledge of their tax implications. Tax planning is a vital process to manage your total tax liability.

Going farther than tax compliance, our tax planning will allow you to understand your current situation and reach your goals by actively advising tax savings strategies to optimize your after-tax income. Our leadership team tracks regulation and tax changes to guide our clients in the ever changing tax ecosystem and provides strategic accounting expertise to assist meeting the goals of individuals and businesses of all sizes.

Tax Planning Benefits:

The list of strategic tax planning benefits are crucial and include:

  • Understanding the impacts of existing and proposed tax law changes

  • Lowering current year tax burdens

  • Minimizing future tax liabilities

  • Averting penalties and interest

Tax Planning Services | Millan + Co. | AUstin CPAs

Millan & Company's Tax Planning Process

  • Authentication & Consulting - Assemble and analyze your information and estimate your tax liability to determine exactly how much will be owed.

  • Roadmap Options - Review scenarios (current vs potential situations) and arrange multiple plans for future saving methods and optimal outcomes.

  • Recurring Planning - Apply a proactive strategy to optimize future earnings and check in annually, or quarterly as needed, for any changes in tax law and your current circumstances.

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