Women and Financial Advisors


Staying in control of your finances is one of the most important and difficult responsibilities for most adults.

The results, then, when Forbes Insights and Northwestern Mutual surveyed a group of women regarding how their confidence correlates to their finances, were not surprising. The survey reveals that attaining financial goals is a high concern for the women surveyed, including those who consider themselves to have advanced or expert knowledge in the field.

It’s no secret that navigating financial success can be daunting for everyone, men and women alike. This study reveals however that getting aligned with financial advisors makes a tremendous difference in how secure women feel when it comes to balancing their income: “60% of women who work with a financial advisor say they’re confident about reaching retirement goals, vs. 34% of women who don’t have a financial advisor.”

Every person should educate themselves on their personal finances when it comes to balancing, saving and investing. It’s evident that having someone help navigate the terrain can have a significant impact one’s overall peace of mind and the health of one’s financial portfolio.

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